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princess wip


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Whose this mysterious beautiful guardian? 

I know it’s been awhile since I last posted, I’ve been busy with life stuff ( I suddenly got one? Weird). Also I see I got a bunch of new followers! Lemme take this time to say greetings and salutations! Thank you for following my humble fanart blog. I hope it is to your viewing pleasure! 


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The Laughing Soldier.


my shame……

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trying not to get too rusty!


Tsukino Usagi’s school bag ♥

I made this for the art show at Otakon this weekend. I’ve been wanting to draw bags and their contents since seeing Yuko Uramoto’s manga Kaban Toridori.


さらば だ.   After A Long Day.  

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In the Name of the Moon

// Available as a print.

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and hour and a half in sai later, i produce  drawing of an anime character i i know nothing about. i do not watch sailor moon. ??????

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This was a ~draw it again meme~ type deal of a gift from ‘12 for my friend tnk so… /showers her in more jupiters

As I started this lovely reblogging spree with a piece by bandiit I will also end with another gorgeous piece he drew for me (when I asked him about the old one, because the original post was deleted) ♥

We are both big Jupiter fans as you can see! ;)

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the gangs all here

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drew sailor saturn while listening to an audiobook of the most boring book ever for classsssss <333

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